How to Run a Successful Workshop

Many of you are now ready to share your work with others, you may be starting your own groups, teaching formally or developing your own work. If so, this is the course for you. It will provide practical help with organising and teaching your material, whether this is in meditation, spiritual or psychic development, teaching Reiki, healing or sharing your own work.

This course is about the processes which enable you to teach well and is not content specific.

You will explore all the things you need to understand and be aware of to run a successful workshop. There will be help with how to present your material, how to choose venues, financial issues, insurance, disclaimers and facilitators. You will also:

  • Look at the pitfalls of teaching, difficult students and lots more
  • Explore the main points of the Health and Safety Legislation you need to be aware of
  • Consider the ethical issues that are important for all teachers
  • Lita will share her own long experience as a teacher and lecturer (over 30 years) to show you how to become a teacher, how to express yourself simply and positively, gently bringing you to a state of confidence and clarity about your own teaching. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk together and discuss your own challenges and growth. In addition there is a set of guided meditations available from the School which take you through all the energy work techniques you will need to teach which be found here

    I use all the techniques that you taught me i.e. setting the energy, calling students, finding the content of the class, expanding energy … these techniques are so invaluable and I couldn’t work without them. I realise now just how much dedication and commitment is required when teaching….. I just feel so much love and a huge expansion of my heart centre when I teach – it’s wonderful and so rewarding – Gisele Burnett. March 2006.

    In addition, the course will cover many of the practical aspects of teaching a class. This class is open to all who are feeling the call to begin teaching any form of energy work from meditation to healing, you do not have to be a Light Body Graduate to participate.

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