Meditation for Teenagers

Positive Meditation for Teens – Calm and Strong

So many people have asked us about our special program of guided visualisations for teenagers. These were developed and tested in schools.

Many schools across the country are now using the Calm and Strong Program with young people with great success. We are now offering some of the guided visualisations as downloads for use at home as well as in school.

Suitable for young people from the age of 10 upward to adult.

Audio clip of Lita introducing the Calm & Strong Series

Each download contains three tracks. The first is a short talk to explain how to use the processes. The second is a standardised, guided relaxation exercise lasting for over 20 minutes. The third track is the guided meditation and these vary in length but are about 20 to 25 minutes long. These need to be listened to several times in order to gain the full benefit of them. They work at a very deep level to create positive change.


harmonyRGBIdeal for those new to meditation from the age of about 12 up to adulthood. Like all the Downloads/CDs in this series there is a wonderful relaxation process and then the guided visualisation. The visualisation on this download is based on our adult process called Becoming a Mountain which leads to a harmony between mind, body and spirit. Working with this process will help to:

  • Develop the ability to sit still
  • Deepen the ability to relax
  • Increase concentration
  • Encourage feelings of inner strength and confidence.




The visualisation on this download is based on our adult process called ‘A Walk in the Forest’. Specially rewritten and adapted for young people, working with this guided visualisation will:

  • Help the participant to learn how to relax both physically and mentally
  • Deepen the experience of relaxation
  • Establish the ability to find inner peace
  • Strengthen a positive self image


Self Esteem

self esteemRGBThis visualisation, called The Real Self focuses on building self esteem and self confidence. Ideal for those from the age of 12 up to adulthood. Working with this should help to:

  • Encourage a positive self image
  • Build the ability to be self confident
  • Develop a robust attitude to bullying or unkind actions by others
  • Understand that it is okay to make mistakes
  • Introduce the concept of the ‘real self’ or ‘inner self.’


Inner Strength

inner strengthRGBThis guided inner journey – ‘The Old Tree’ focuses on developing patience, inner strength and self confidence. Working with this visualisation will help to:

  • Develop inner resilience to outer challenges
  • Build inner strength
  • Develop self confidence
  • Establish images to return to in times of need or challenge.


Managing Anger

managing angerRGBThis easy to follow visualisation is called The Floating Leaf and focuses on learning how to deal with situations that provoke anger. It will help to:

  • Deepen the ability to stay calm in the face of disturbing events
  • Learn how to stay detached when events might have triggered an angry response
  • Develop an association with staying calm in situations that trigger anger

Being Positive

being positiveRGBIn this download participants are guided to work with a process called The Real You. After a relaxation phase this guided journey uses powerful positive affirmations to deepen a sense of self worth, self esteem and self confidence in the listener. The download aims to:

  • Develop a positive self image
  • Build self esteem
  • Build self confidence