Pilates Classes in Ashcott

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What Happens In a Class?

Initially you may be asked to complete a short health questionnaire so that your teacher can assess which exercises will be suitable for you. It is not advisable to start Pilates classes if you are pregnant unless you have already been training with the technique. You should check with your doctor first if you are very overweight , have high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems. You should wear comfortable clothes that allow free movement, we do not usually wear shoes whilst exercising. Bring a mat or thick towel to lie on, a small cushion or pillow or small towel and a bottle of water. Participation in a class costs £7 per class if you pay by the half term in advance, by paying in advance you ensure that a place is held for you at the time of your choice. You can also pay for classes individually, this option will be £10 per class.

Individual Tuition

Lita offers individual Pilates training sessions to clients as well, please telephone to discuss this option.

Who Is Our Teacher?

Lita de Alberdi has been practising Pilates since 2001 and is qualified as a Fitness Instructor specialising in Pilates. She is also a Chartered Psychologist and counsellor . Her approach is supportive and fun emphasising the mind/body connection and a holistic approach to fitness and health. She can be contacted on 01458 210596 or email her direct on somersetpilates@aol.com .

Dates for Pilates classes

Classes run at Ashcott Village Hall and at Shapwick Village Hall.

All ages all ablities – Classes are held on Mondays at 2pm and 3pm in Ashcott and 6pm at Shapwick. Wednesdays at 6.00pm and 7.00pm at Ashcott, Thursdays at 10.00, and 11am at Shapwick.

Visit our Pilates website pilatesinsomerset.co.uk for more information