Facial Pilates

A one day workshop based on the classical principles of Pilates exercises to teach you how to tone your facial muscles. Once you have learnt the exercises you can then carry on at home to bring a more youthful appearance to your face and neck. Our next class will be on Saturday 10th January 2015.

Facial Pilates tightens and tones the face, jaw and neck to gently lift and brighten the appearance of your face and neck. Practised regularly Facial Pilates will help you to maintain a younger, toned appearance. In Facial Pilates you learn how to tone very specific muscles focusing on the face and neck areas. Through a structured program of regular exercise your face and neck muscles will tone, shorten and strengthen. As a result your face will gradually start to change its appearance.
Facial Pilates focuses on four specific areas:
1) the upper face which includes forehead and eye areas
2) the middle face between the eyes and the mouth
3) the lower face which includes the mouth and chin and
4) the neck and jowls.
The exercises will improve circulation to the skin leaving your skin looking brighter and more radiant. This improved circulation caries vital oxygen and nutrients to skin and tissues whilst carrying away old and damaged cells. Facial Pilates has been described as the non-surgical facelift. It offers a long term solution to an age old problem.

You are wondering whether this will really work. The answer is yes, you will notice an improvement in your appearance within about 8 weeks and that will continue for as long as you keep doing the exercises. Clearly you will never regain the youthful you fully, but you will look a lot better and your skin tone and radiance should also improve quite markedly.
If, like me, you dread the thought of invasive surgery or poisonous injections then Facial Pilates just might be for you. Give it a try. Many of my clients have taken classes with me and they have been delighted with the results. One emailed me recently to say that a colleague said to her that every time they met she looked younger, she was very pleased.
Whatever your age this technique will help to keep you looking better. With this program of exercise you can tighten flabby throat muscles, reduce jowls, firm the lower cheeks, lift droopy eyelids, firm and refresh the eye areas, reduce lines on the forehead and brows, plump the upper lip area and promote a healthier complexion. You will generally see results in a matter of weeks and improvement will continue for as long as you continue doing the exercises. In a few minutes a day you can shape the facial muscles, build tone and preserve and improve your appearance.

The results of regular facial pilates can usually be seen after about six to eight weeks of practise. Typically we see
• fuller lips and mouth area
• brighter, more radiant complexion
• lifted neck, chin and jowl areas
• fuller cheeks with better definition to the cheekbones
• brow and eye areas lift – eyes appear more open
• appearance of the face is generally more youthful and fresh

We regularly run one day intensive courses so that you can learn these exercises for yourself. At these your specific concerns will be addressed so that when you leave you have the specific exercises you need to tighten and lift your own face. Improve your appearance for life!! We run an ongoing monthly maintenance group which you will be very welcome to join after taking this course where we meet to discuss the exercises, add new exercises and generally compare notes on how we are all doing.

What happens on our one day course?
Our program begins at 9.45am when the doors open and we meet for registration, tea and coffee will be served. Over the course of the day you will participate in a series of workshops to learn the Facial Pilates techniques. There will be breaks for refreshments in the morning and the afternoon with teas and coffees with biscuits and snacks available. At lunchtime a vegetarian buffet lunch will be served followed by your choice of teas or coffee. Our day finishes at around 4.45pm after a wind up session incorporating relaxation and final questions and discussions.