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There are many paths to spiritual growth and transformation, all of them valid, we are simply offering one way, it may be your way.

Founded in 1993 the School of the Living Light is committed to environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual values in every part of our lives and work. Lita is now in semi retirement but her work is still available on this website as CDs or downloads.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Lita’s popular one day intensive Mindfulness workshop is now available as a download exclusively on this website. Recorded live you will be introduced to the major approaches to Mindfulness.

No previous experience of meditation is needed to learn these techniques. click here for downloads



Midday Meditations

Every Saturday at midday, Lita extends the invitation to join her in meditation. On the 23rd July 2012, Lita recorded a particularly beautiful transmission meditation which she invites you to join. The meditation takes you to reconnect with your essence energy, and transports you to the Soul Planes to merge with your soul. You connect with the gossamer thread network of Light and join all the Lightworkers and seekers, as well as, the angels and Archangels to transmit and radiate Light. You offer issues and problems to the Archangels to engage their help and then transmit Light to your future. A download of this transmission meditation is available for you to keep and use for £1. Click here to buy 23 July midday transmission

What people say

So many of our students write to us saying how much meditation has helped them in their everyday lives in many unexpected ways.