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Channelling: What It Is & How To Do It

No longer available from this website but still out there in the shops

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Lita de Alberdi is the leading teacher of channelling in the UK, she has taught many hundreds of people to channel their guides. In this accessible and practical book she explains how you too can learn to contact and channel your own spirit guide.

Highly recommended by reviewers, Lita de Alberdi explains exactly what channelling is and how you can safely learn to channel your own spirit guide.

Lita includes channelled material from her own guides and answers the many questions that people ask. If you want to learn to channel successfully and safely and if you want to learn from an experienced channel and teacher, this is the book for you.

Full of easy-to-follow meditations and exercises based on her successful courses.

Channelling will help you to:

  • Shift your awareness to an expanded state of consciousness.
  • Work with guides and angels.
  • Use psychic protection effectively.
  • Channel to receive help with health & past life issues.
  • Enhance your confidence and creativity.
Lita has also recorded downloads of the same name to accompany the book which are available on this website click on downloads at the top of the page to find them.

'Lita, with her guide Ortan, has provided an excellent guide to channelling that will assist yo in meeting and channelling your guide, receiving messages for yourself and others. This book makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of channlling and how the guides connect with us. I highly recommend this book.' Sanaya Roman, author of 'Opening to Channel'

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Living Your Higher Purpose 4CDs

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In these uplifting guided meditations you will learn how to:
  • Awaken to your highest path, your soul's mission and higher purpose.
  • Find your unique contribution, your essence energy and send out your call for service.
  • Expand your vision of who you are, to help you clear any blockages holding you back and create an environment to support your work.
  • Call to you those you can serve, your students, (clients or customers if you are in business) working with them on the inner planes to draw them to you and your work.
  • Stay centred and calm whatever the situation you find yourself in.
  • Connect with your Evolutionary Angel of Service
  • Be a source of light, recognising your potential
  • Become one with your path of service, dedicating your work to the Light and joining with the Beings of Light who will energise your work.

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Gems From The Equinox All the Magical Writings.

Instructions by Aleister Crowley for His own Magical Order. Edited by Israel Regardie.Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1974. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Very Good. . First Edition. 8vo – over 7¾” – 9¾” tall. Stated first edition [1974]. Red glazed leather-look hardcover with silver gilt lettering and decoration, 1133 pages. Very good condition with firm binding, clean pages, no names or other markings. Fantastic collector’s opportunity.

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Ascension Volume 3: A Remembrance of Spirit

You will need to have taken both Ascension 1 and Ascension 2 to do this class as the series of classes builds one upon another. This deeply profound class will take you into the most beautiful meditative spaces and experiences. Using the Merkaba, we become aware of the Matrix of Light around the Earth. You will learn more about the energy structures of the Earth herself and the pathways of Light that were known to the ancients.
We will tune into the underlying frequencies and vibrations of the Universe and feel the Rhythms of Spirit. We will come to understand more about creating abundance in alignment with our Higher Purpose.

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In the Merkaba we experience the energies of Sirius. Sirius is the higher university to which we travel in sleep for training. Sirius is the galactic doorway to this galaxy and it is closely aligned with the Pleiades. It is also connected with the Galactic Core and with the galactic masters. The energy from Sirius is the principle of cosmic love. The work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius. Experience on the earth plane is like the master’s degree program and Sirius is the Ph.D. program for spiritual growth. Shamballa, the home of Sanat Kumara, is a mini-chamber of the expanded chamber that is Sirius As White Magicians in training we are in touch with our own souls and receptive to and aware of the purpose and plans of our souls. We are capable of receiving impressions from the realms of spirit and of registering these down to the physical brain.

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