Ortan channelling on Disease & Suffering

Posted on February 4, 2009


There is much disease on the planet, (Yes) at this moment. With all the new energies that are coming in, will we see a clearance of a lot of these diseases that we now have?


Many diseases are caused, of course, by decay within the genetic structure of the body, and it is natural, and part of the process of letting go of physical to learn that things are born and they decay, and they become diseased and die. And of course as you have become more advanced in your ability to heal, people live longer and have even more diseases because they have the diseases of a longer-lived body, and this is simply the way that it is for physicality. It is not perfect, it is not held in perfection, because it is all subject to change, to corruption, to decay and it is natural this cycle of physicality, it is a physical cycle.

However, as things are changing and as I mentioned a little while ago when I was saying to you that the earth is ascending and your planet is ascending and that your people are ascending, and I said that there will be physical changes, and these are the type of physical changes I was referring to; because part of the physical changes will come from your advances in your ability to understand the genetic cycle and there are great advances taking place and about to take place in your understanding of the genetic cycles and how they work, and this great ability to change the genetic structure of your race is going to be tremendously beneficial. Do not poo-poo your science. Many of your scientists are wonderful channels and are bringing through so much information now for use upon the earth plane to alleviate the suffering of genetic disease. Many disease is based within genetics. Some disease, of course, dear one, is caused by abuse of the physical body. People are abusing their bodies and making themselves sick and that is their choice, so we can’t take that away from them. They are taking drugs, they are taking alcohol, they are smoking, they are not exercising, all of the things that you know about. In the ascension process, therefore, people will become less ill, because they will not choose to abuse themselves, and because of these genetic changes that we have mentioned. And because there will be so much more understanding in the next 100 years, your sciences will undergo tremendous changes, and so the answer is- yes. There will be less of it.

… We are finishing now dear ones. Let us just bring our awareness back into the heart. I thank each of you for your beautiful questions, for it is a great joy to me to share energy with you, each of you being a beautiful and perfect channel of light. Spend a moment to tune into your perfection, for from our perspective each of you is pure beauty, each of you is a perfect soul, and we observe your struggle with physicality and our heart is with you in that struggle. For we see how difficult it is for you to be away from home, to be there in that body, and we hold you in our heart.

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