Ortan channelling on current climate crisis

Posted on February 4, 2009

Channelling on Crisis for the Earth on 3rd June 2007 for Ascension 3 Group


Greetings I am Ortan and I greet you dear ones with much love…you are most welcome to this space and perhaps dear ones you would like to draw a little closer and take your awareness into your hearts as we begin to talk together about all the changes that are happening on the earth at this time, the opportunities that these changes create and perhaps the challenges for some of you, as well.

As you know your earth, your home, your beautiful planet has birthed many forms of light, many forms of life, many forms of consciousness. Be aware, in your heart, that everything on the earth is conscious. You may not understand or know the nature of these consciousnesses but even the very rocks of the earth have consciousness. All that is of the earth and on the earth she has birthed over time, over billions of years, she has birthed humanity. So you are part of the body of the earth, you are like the very cells of her body. She has created your unique consciousness, but know that you have fallen prey to a deep form of illusion, the illusion that you are different or separate from the other consciousnesses that she has birthed. You are not different than them or better or more deserving of the earth, she chose all of you but now many are falling away and in so doing creating an imbalance for the planet. For understand that what the planet has given forth has come forth in a state of perfect balance, between every single cellular structure on that planet. Each plant, rock, animal, insect, organism plays a part in creating a broad tapestry of consciousness. As you are losing species of every type you are starting to create gaps and imbalances in the manifest consciousness of the earth. You have reached a very serious point now, a serious time!

It is time to stop, regroup and make a radical change to your perception of this exquisite jewel of a planet and the way that you as humanity. I address you as representatives of your species. The way that you are using the earth, the way that you are not understanding the nature of oneness, as being a true reality, not a concept or a religious idea, you are oneness, you are all…connected, one to the other, to the other, to the other, to the other, to the other, back to the very beginning of matter.

We, the guides, are grateful that many of you have embraced a spiritual path and we know that your hearts are good, your intentions are of the highest. We ask you as representatives of the human species to broadcast these higher intentions as broadly, as widely, as deeply as you can. We urge you to act, we urge you to work on the inner planes and on the outer, so that you may continue to enjoy manifest consciousness. So that the earth herself may continue to ascend to all that she could become. Think of how far she has come in the short time since she became solid matter, a piece of matter, planet and then developed consciousness. What comes next? This is your choice, ask yourself – what comes next? Do any of you wish to make a remark?


Hello Ortan my name is Zoe.


We know you Zoe, we see you!


What I am struggling with is its great that we have lots of things we can do on the inner planes but what I am really struggling with is on the outer planes and I am re cycling, I am doing car share, I’m trying to be as green as I can be but that doesn’t really feel enough. As you have said we need to be revolutionary and what I’m struggling with is should I give up my job and start lobbying? I’m not sure but I know it’s different for everyone of us.


It is! Take every step that is possible. Look around you and push yourself that extra mile, push yourself into the area of a little bit more discomfort. You do not need to give up your job but you may want to give up some of your free time, so called, join an organisation or a group that lobbies or that has an active agenda, or you may like to write articles, spread the word this way, give talks to local groups and read, become very knowledgeable. So that even the deepest, most sceptical type of a mind is able to engage with you and you are able to quote whatever is needed to make impression upon them. Know that energy follows intention; make the intention to make a difference!

Every day look at that day, at the end of the day and say ‘did I make a difference?’. If you recycle, if you car share, as you say these are all good things to do, these are all positive actions and they model how a citizen can live lightly on the earth.

Think of everything that you put into your body and everything that you throw out, where does it go? What happens? Could you change the way that you consume, all of you in this culture consume excessively, you are very wedded to having things, to buying things, to collecting things, for what they will not follow you into spirit. No, let go of the need to own things, they will not help you.

Instead, focus on your brothers and sisters on the planet. Those who live in all the other countries of the world are just as important as you are. By the way you live and act, you model for the developing nations, how they could live, act and you can change the reality of your brothers and sisters by the way you purchase, the way you spend, by the way that you live, this could change their consciousness and their reality immediately.

And remember that there are millions and millions and millions of people on this earth at this very moment who are dying and suffering, who are poor and malnourished, who are diseased because of the way that certain groups on the earth believe that it is right for them to have and others not to have. Is it right? What’s next?

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