Ortan channeling on Animals

Posted on February 4, 2009


Hello Ortan. (Greetings) Can you tell me do animals get the opportunity to incarnate as humans?


Interesting question. No. Do you wish me to elaborate? You see the animals are sentient beings like you. They didn’t want to be humans. There are many, many interesting beingnesses within the animal kingdom and they like to be animals and they have chosen service. Many of them have chosen a deep level of service, as you observe how much they suffer on your earth plane, how much they serve you, and what great companions they are to you and to your kind. But the animals are part of another realm of beingness, and they don’t wish to be involved with the human experience in terms of being it, but they are with you, just as the plants are with you, and the crystals are with you and the earth is with you. They are different realms, different kingdoms, and their frequency is that of the angelic realms, and so when they pass from having a physical life, many of them move into being angelics. They have those kinds of frequencies of the angelic realms, just as the plants are angelic, just as the crystals are angelic, so too the animals are angelic, so the different realm of beingness, not better, not worse, different than those souls who’ve incarnated through the human route. Does that make sense to you? (Yes) Thank you for your question.

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