the Ascension series

Ascension is about bringing spirit into matter, raising the our own vibration and the vibration of everything around us. Ascension is creating a vibrational shift at every level, shifting us as individuals, as groups and as societies as well as, affecting the planet herself. The new cycles begin around the year 2012. 

In the run up to this time we will therefore be experiencing an amazing intensification of energies, added to which, as we move deeper into the centre of the galaxy we are moving through what is known as a photon belt, a belt of extremely high energies. A series of transmissions will be sent by the Higher Masters to assist in our solar ring’s spiritual awakening and transition to the new energies. This is also known as incoming of the Shamballa frequencies or the Paradise frequencies. 

In these turbulent times it is important to keep working to align with the light and the incoming energies as well as to focus on creating peace at all levels.

In addition to the downloads below, Lita and her guides Ortan and Shalaya, have channelled a series of Ascension workshops. The first three of these Ascension workshops are now available as either downloads or CD sets. Please click on these links to access the Ascension workshops.

Ascension: Creating Inner Peace

Two beautiful guided meditations take you inward to a place of true inner peace. It is only by creating inner peace, that you can find the stillness that will enable you to become receptive to and experience the Paradise frequencies. English voice leads the meditations, music by Michael Hammer. 

Ascension CIP new coverTrack 1: Inner Peace. A meditation to bring you to a true state of inner peace. Learn to connect with the inner core of your being. This meditation will take you to a very deep level of relaxation and meditation by aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Track 2: Safe Harbour. A gentle meditation that brings you to a sense of contentment, safety and calm.


Ascension: Finding your Inner Light

finding your inner lightRGBYou too are a being of Light, but through being manifest in a human body you lose sight of your own inner Light and beauty. In these two meditations you are brought back to a deep understanding of yourself as Spirit. Through these meditations you will increase your ability to be aware of yourself as a Light being and you will learn how to strengthen your inner Light, allowing it to shine out in your everyday life as well as in your meditations. 

Track 1: You are a being of Light.

Track 2: Finding and strengthening your inner Light.


Aligning with the Shamballa Frequencies

(this was previously entitled ‘Aligning with the Millennium Energies’

Aligning ShamballaRGBTrack 1: A beautiful channelled meditation to help you to prepare for, to tune into and to integrate all the changes in energy that are happening at this time of great change for humanity. Look into the future from a higher perspective and tune in to your highest path for the first years of this new century.

Track 2: Lita’s spirit guide Ortan talks about the new millennium and the future for humanity and for the earth. Music channelled by Michael Hammer.