Living your Higher Purpose

You have a higher path, a special purpose, a reason you are here.  Through these processes you may come to know and develop your path of service to humanity by making a connection to your soul and your soul’s mission in this lifetime. You may already know how your service is manifesting or you may still be unclear, the processes you will explore will launch you onto your higher path with greater success. If you are a healer, a helper, a teacher or self-employed you can use these meditations to call your clients to you and to increase how effectively you work.

Based on Orin and DaBen’s (guides for Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) wonderful energy work and channelled material by Ortan, the meditations cover:

In these uplifting guided meditations you will learn how to:

  • Awaken to your highest path, your soul’s mission and higher purpose.
  • Find your unique contribution, your essence energy and send out your call for service.
  • Expand your vision of who you are, to help you clear any blockages holding you back and create an environment to support your work.
  • Call to you those you can serve, your students, (clients or customers if you are in business) working with them on the inner planes to draw them to you and your work.
  • Stay centred and calm whatever the situation you find yourself in.
  • Connect with your Evolutionary Angel of Service
  • Be a source of light, recognising your potential
  • Become one with your path of service, dedicating your work to the Light and joining with the Beings of Light who will energise your work.

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