Channelling: What it is..Set

Ten wonderfully guided processes which accompany Lita’s book of the same title.
channelling cd set 2
This structured set of guided meditations will take you through all the processes needed to connect with a high level spirit guide. Safe, tried and tested – these processes will really move you forward and allow you to make a connection with your guide. All these meditations are led by Lita de Alberdi who has been teaching channelling for over 16 years and whose book is a best selling guide for those who want to learn to channel.

As a set of processes, these downloads provide a complete process to lead you to connect with a high level guide. However each of the meditations can also be used at any time for many different life issues to help you to work with them as energy and create a higher reality for yourself by working with light.

This set of downloads is also available as a boxed set of CDs or as individual CDs