Channelling for Healers

Lita’s spirit guide Ortan believes that in this time of accelerated growth for humanity, healers need to have a clear and conscious connection with their guides. The focus is on practical processes. The course does not concentrate on verbal channelling, if you want to learn to verbally channel we offer the Opening to Channel live class.

In these processes you will learn to connect with your healing guides and angels so that they can assist you with your work in this time of change and great growth.

If you already channel, these processes will deepen and strengthen your connection with your healing guides and angels.

The processes in these meditations are:

  • Connecting: Aligning with your guide’s energy
  • Connecting: Hearing your guide’s wisdom
  • Staying clear: Tuning in to other people’s energy without taking it on
  • Reading Chakras with your guide
  • Observing Auras with your guide
  • Connecting heart to heart with your client’s energy
  • Holding a focus of light from the soul planes of love
  • Calling your clients to you