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Ascension 1: Living as your soul

You will learn how to create the deep meditative state we call Chakra Consciousness.  This enables a direct connection through the expanded Heart Centre to the soul and thus Divine guidance.  You will learn to connect and align with your soul.  This soul connection means that it becomes more and more possible to awaken to an understanding of why you have chosen this earth incarnation and what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime.

Ascension 1 HS
In time, your psychic sensitivity is enhanced through developing your skills in chakra consciousness.  More and more you will learn to live from a place of unconditional love.  Your alignment to spirit and the higher forces of the Universe will become clearer and stronger.  This course is the first step to liberation from the bonds that have held you back from a true awakening to spirit and offers a release from the illusions born of fear, guilt and shame from previous lifetimes.

By healing the DNA and enabling it to return to the original blueprint we pave the way to dissolving old, negative karma and begin a journey of deep healing.

You will connect with the inner child, the nurturing inner self, the inner warrior and the spirit self to bring balance and integration of these elements at a personality level.

You will learn new ways of grounding and balancing your energy through the mastery of chakra consciousness and through the process of unifying your chakras.  Your lower chakras will be cleared and balanced bringing a new level of ease with physical reality.  A state of deep inner peace can then arise as you let go of the need for emotional drama and instead move to a loving, accepting place of clarity and joy.  Then, as the heart centre becomes the very core and centre of your being you can really begin to live as a soul embodied in a human form.

Your energy will be attuned to the Seven Rays of Divine Energy in a sacred temple of Ascension so that you become aware of the influence of the Rays, especially the Rays of Love Wisdom and Ceremonial Magic.

We also explore more deeply the energy basis of unconditional love and of alignment to the Higher Realms through learning the frequencies to which they vibrate and bringing those frequencies consciously into our energy fields.  You shift your vibration to a higher level and you open to the journey your soul chose for this lifetime.

Only £72.95 to include 11 full length guided meditations and 6 accompanying explanatory talks, all recorded live at the School of the Living Light.

This complete home study course is also available as a boxed set of 6 CDs

Ascension 2: Peace & Power

Building upon the work completed in Living As Your Soul, now you learn how to activate the Merkaba, often called the Vehicle of Light.Ascension 2 HS cd set
The special properties of an activated Merkaba allow you to travel across space and time to access past lives and to intensify and deepen your experience of the frequencies of unconditional love and serenity. As you start to remember more about your Higher Purpose and your Soul’s mission for this lifetime you can understand much more about why you are here and how to fulfil those choices made by your soul. Learning how to activate the Higher Heart Centre and bringing in the influence of the eighth chakra brings profound shift and growth and allows you to deepen your experience of Chakra Consciousnesss. Later in the meditations you bring in further out of body chakras and integrate their energies.


This complete home study course is also available as a boxed set of 5 CDs

Ascension 3: A Remembrance of Spirit

This deeply profound class will take you into the most beautiful meditative spaces and experiences. Using the Merkaba, we become aware of the Matrix of Light around the Earth. You will learn more about the energy structures of the Earth herself and the pathways of Light that were known to the ancients.

Ascension 3 box set front for downloadWe will tune into the underlying frequencies and vibrations of the Universe and feel the Rhythms of Spirit. We will come to understand more about creating abundance in alignment with our Higher Purpose.

In the Merkaba we experience the energies of Sirius. Sirius is the higher university to which we travel in sleep for training. Sirius is the galactic doorway to this galaxy and it is closely aligned with the Pleiades. It is also connected with the Galactic Core and with the galactic masters. The energy from Sirius is the principle of cosmic love. The work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius. Experience on the earth plane is like the master’s degree program and Sirius is the Ph.D. program for spiritual growth. Shamballa, the home of Sanat Kumara, is a mini-chamber of the expanded chamber that is Sirius

As White Magicians in training we are in touch with our own souls and receptive to and aware of the purpose and plans of our souls. We are capable of receiving impressions from the realms of spirit and of registering these down to the physical brain.



7 Sirius Gateway extract