Chakra Work

The Chakras are whirling vortices of energy that connect the physical body with the aura. Working with chakra energy directly affects the emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies, creating balance and health at every level. Working to balance the chakras with Reiki and meditation helps our clients to bring their energy into balance and, more importantly, to keep their energy in balance.

There are seven major chakras. These chakras lie along the etheric spine. When your first chakra is balanced and open, you feel abundant, in good health and connected to your body. When your second chakra is aligned, you feel connected to other people, yet balance this with time alone. Your third chakra when balanced gives you usable personal power and emotional control. Your fourth chakra is your heart centre and when it is open you feel safe, able to trust, take risks, love yourself and feel loved. Your fifth chakra is your throat centre and when open allows you to communicate with truth and clarity, express yourself clearly and speak your true feelings with love. Your sixth chakra, called the “third eye”, opens your psychic and intuitive abilities. Your crown centre, the seventh chakra, is your spiritual centre and is your connection to your Higher Self, imagination, and awareness of other dimensions.

Working with chakras RGBRecorded live, there is one full length meditation for each chakra with a short introductory talk, plus a final meditation to balance and align the entire chakra system. Each meditation is about 25 minutes in length or slighly more.

Essential for anyone working with healing energies, chakras, Reiki, or meridians. We play the meditations as we work with our Reiki clients and have had wonderful results. The recordings also give information on the appropriate crystals and fragrances for each chakra.

Working with the chakras is an excellent introduction to energy work. This work teaches you about the different frequencies of the chakras, allowing you to explore the different experiences and to sense the different energies of each of the seven main chakras. We often recommend people unfamiliar with meditation or energy work to work with this set of downloads and the chakra energies before doing the Awakening Your Light Body course.


We are also offering the individual chakra meditations as downloads