What is Ascension?

We are in a time of transition right now. The window of opportunity for humanity is open until 2025. During these important years we can tread a path of accelerated growth and initiation. We are already experiencing many changes on the earth plane, financial turbulence is just a part of the changes to come. There is nothing to fear, this is a time for growth and Light Workers are being called to step forth and grasp this opportunity.

This process of Ascension is the process whereby Spirit is increasingly called into and integrated with Matter. To be able to hold this level of frequency you will need to prepare the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The soul can then increasingly take control of your life to enable to you to fully align with and understand your Higher Purpose for this lifetime.

These unique classes will teach you how to prepare for the Ascension of all humanity and the planet herself. During the classes you will experience powerful transmissions to strengthen your links with your soul and your monad and to allow you to make a stronger connection with their wisdom and guidance in your everyday life. You will be introduced to the rays and their influence on you and the planet as the planet Earth herself prepares for Ascension.

We will work with the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy to shift your frequencies and vibration to even higher levels to bring you into alignment with your path of service in this lifetime. The Ascension program is deeply initiatory and is taught under the loving guidance and protection of the mighty Archangel Michael.

Who is eligible to take part in these classes?

Until 2006 these classes were only open to Light Body Graduates, however, the energy on the earth plane has changed now so much that we are delighted to be able to accept all Light Workers onto the course. It is unlikely that you will be drawn to this work unless you are already on a path of growth. Some familiarity with energy work (changing states of consciousness) and frequency is essential to undertake this work. The Ascension series of workshops are now taught from the ‘Chakra Consciousness’ state and so familiarity with the Chakras through meditation is required.

We ask that you take our Working With Your Chakras course which is available on CD or as a download via our website. CDs can also be ordered by phone using a debit card.

There are a series of Ascension workshops. The first two workshops (Ascension 1: Living as your Soul and Ascension 2: Peace and Power) are available as home study courses only. They can be studied using the Cd sets or as a set of downloads.

Please note that class fees and deposits for classes should be made payable to Lita de Alberdi. We can also accept a credit card payment for the CDs but not for the course. To enrol and join a group of Lightworkers engaged on the Ascension work simply complete a booking form (from Ascension 3 onwards) and return it with your deposit to the School. You may also enrol online below.

You have heard the call to Awaken. Join us for these wonderful classes and teachings. The time is now!

Forthcoming Ascension dates

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