Ascension 1

In these unique channelled classes you will learn the processes of Ascension, this teaching is now being made available through certain Initiates and Masters on your Earth Plane. The guides and Beings of Light who are presently working with the planet have asked that the Mystery Schools now develop the pathways of Spirit that, in time, will be woven together to create a tapestry of energy to support the Ascension of the Earth and of humanity. This is a process that has been prophesised and foretold for hundreds of years in many traditions.

How can you tell if this path is for you? Ask yourself the following questions, if you are finding that you answer yes to one or to some of them then Ascension may be what you need to take your next step in your path of growth:

  • Have you had the feeling that there is something that you are here to do, but you haven’t quite discovered what that is yet?
  • Do you have a sense that you are preparing or being prepared for something important?
  • Do you wake up in the night not knowing why you have awakened?
  • Are you being drawn to reading about a wide range of subjects that all have an esoteric/psychic/channelled side to them?
  • Have you developed an interest in channelling and Light Work?

That part of you that is eternal is trying to get through to you, it is time for you to remember what you are here to do, to embrace your mission and to step out as the true Light Worker that you are. It is time to claim your Spiritual Power.

Meditations and processes in Ascension One will include:

  • Developing Chakra Consciousness and awakening the Heart Light
  • Awakening the Body of Light from the space of Chakra Consciousness
  • Learning the new frequencies of unconditional love and alignment that are now available on the earth plane, learning how to create and maintain chakra consciousness
  • Aligning the energy systems of the body through your connection with the central spiritual sun
  • Clearing your DNA
  • Travelling to the Ascension Temple and connecting with the Ascension Ray
  • Connecting with the ancient light codes within the DNA
  • Connecting with parts of your personality (the warrior, the nurturer, the spirit self and the inner child) to consciously integrate their energy
  • A Cosmic Fire Initiation with A Master of Fire to clear old karma
  • Awakening three new centres and the activation of the Soma Amrita formulation

Open to all those who have purchased our Working With Your Chakras CD set.

This course is now only available as a course on CD or as a download, please order from the product pages. Once you have completed the courses on CD you are eligible to continue at the School and take the subsequent classes live with Lita de Alberdi. You can order the download of the class here.

A student said ….Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for this weekend I knew it would be wonderful but it was so much more than I had expected, it was amazing, I have a wonderful feeling of calm peace and purposefulness (is there is such a word) …. I am really looking forward to ascension 2!!!!
Thankyou again

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